Healthy Gut, Healthy Brain – Eight-Steps to a Well-Nourished Brain

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You may have heard that a happy tummy equals a happy brain. That’s because our gut is home to the trillions of bacteria and other micro-organisms that make up our microbiome. The vast majority of gut bacteria are beneficial to our health – they help us digest food, power up our metabolism, and even produce some essential vitamins. Additionally, gut flora acts as a mighty warrior on behalf of the immune system, defending us against the harmful microbes that cause inflammation. New research reveals that our microbiome is also involved in several aspects of brain health and behavior, especially in our reaction to stress and anxiety, while at the same time supporting brain longevity. There are several things we can do to return the favor and support our microbiome in turn.

The 4 rules to create a good eating habit

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How to create a good eating habit? An eating habit has four components: a cue, a craving, a response, and a reward. If you want to create a good eating habit, you must: Make the cue obvious. Make the craving attractive. Make the response easy. Make the reward satisfying, Make the cue obvious Being aware […]

Dr. Judith Ryba - PhD

Coaching in Nutrition and Emotional Eating